Registered Home Inspectors: Montana (SB 269)

Registered Home Inspectors in Montana. Highland Inspection Group is a registered Home Inspector in the State of Montana.

As a result of SB 269, Home Inspectors must register with the state of Montana. As of January 1, 2020 standardized education and insurance requirements are now enforceable by the state. Consequently, Montana Registered Home Inspectors’ quality should improve, resulting in a smoother home-buying process.

Previously, there were no requirements for home inspectors in Montana. Anyone who felt they were qualified could be a ‘home inspector’. This made for a wide quality gap between the good, better and best inspectors. However, discerning and experienced Realtors usually weeded out less than worthy pretenders in short order.

What are the new Requirements for Home Inspectors in Montana?

Home inspectors now need to apply for certification with the state of Montana. In order to certify with the state, Professional Home Inspectors must meet the following criteria:

  • Has completed 40 hours of comprehensive home inspection instruction or has passed a Department approved national examination. (I did 120 Hours w/ AHIT and the National Inspector’s Exam)
  • Is a member of a national home inspector association. (InterNACHI certified)
  • Must carry a minimum of $100k/$100k of general liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance. (I carry 5x that)
  • Must carry a workers’ compensation policy or listed as a Home Inspector on an Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC). See Below.
  • Must accumulate Continuing Education Credits (40 HRS) every 2 years.

Every person performing home inspections must meet these requirements as individual inspectors. That is to say, inexperienced or unqualified individuals cannot hide behind Company or Franchised credentials.

Highland Inspection Group already exceeds the State of Montana’s requirements for home inspectors. Hire with confidence.

Standardized home inspections cover all the main systems of the home. Therefore, it is wise to ask what additional benefits or services a home inspector can provide.

Why Hire Highland Inspection Group?
  • Easy to Use Report Sharing. Unlike other inspection report formats, HomeGauge is very intuitive for inspectors, Realtors and clients.
  • Repair Request List. This feature compiles the line items that I’ve already highlighted, so that users don’t have to share unrelated portions of the report. For example, for each line item, users can simply select ‘Request Repair’, ‘Request Money for Repairs’, or ‘Accept As-Is’.
  • Very large coverage area. No additional travel fees.
  • Reports are delivered the same night of the inspection. As a result, there is more time for line item resolution during the negotiation process.
  • Professional Radon Monitoring Equipment. Therefore, Radon reports are also delivered same day. To clarify, Radon monitoring takes a minimum of 48 hours for a real estate transaction per EPA guidelines.
  • Extensive experience in water and mold damage mitigation. Identify those maintenance issues that can lead to larger problems in the future.
  • Mold Sampling. Pre/Post-mitigation sampling provides documentation for mitigation efforts, if needed. Click For More Mold Testing Information.
  • “No-drama” Inspection and walk through process. A walk-through helps clarify issues in relation to the age and condition of the home.
  • Exceptional Customer Service. There are 60+ Client and Realtor testimonials in the column to the right. That’s more client reviews than any other local home inspector. In the future, I’d like to earn your testimonials and referrals as well.

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