Highland Inspection Group: A Home Inspector That Provides More Inspection Value.

Highland Inspection Group is more than a home inspector. This is the only property inspection company in the area that offers home inspections, radon monitoring, and certified mold testing. Clients that use our services come away with a better understanding of the condition of the property, enabling them to make the best decisions when it comes to a property.

We’ve been working with real estate inspection and restoration since 2004. Highland Inspection Group has a unique set of skills, acquired over many years, in thousands of Montana homes. This skill set and knowledge base is at the disposal of the client and will be evident during the home inspection process.

Read the growing list of client and agent testimonials before making your choice.

Home Inspector offers full home inspections including mold testing and radon monitoring

Hire a Home Inspector That isn’t Timid About Inspecting Crawlspaces and Attics.

Highland Inspection Group will customize services to best fit the needs of clients and their real estate agents.

Our service coverage area is the largest of any inspection company in the state.

The Home Inspection Reports are concise and to the point. The reports will include high resolution photos with indicators of the issue. Videos may also be included in the report and are useful when documenting leaks, noisy operation, or other common deficiencies in the home.

Clients and Realtors can easily create, modify and share their Repair Request Addendum directly from the report itself. This quick, 3-minute video will show you how.

Clients and Realtors can try a live demo of this feature HERE.
The best description of the “Create Repair List” Feature so far has been  that “it’s so easy that it felt like cheating.”