Preparing Sellers For The Home Inspection

Home Inspection Preparations.

If you’re selling your home, the buyer will probably want to have a home inspection to get a general idea of the condition of the home. Idaho real estate classes allow future real estate agents to be fully ready in earning the income that they desire by providing them the education that they need.

During the home inspection, the inspector will observe and flag deficiencies in any of the major systems of the home. These systems include:

Prior to the home inspection, please make sure all the access areas to crawlspace, attic and any utility spaces are clear of personal contents for proper inspection. Making sure that plumbing under sinks is visible and that there is working space around the furnace and water heater will help move the inspection along as well. The cleanliness standards may be maintained with – Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus.

The garage should be included in a home inspection. Bozeman Home Inspection

Bozeman, MT – Personal contents spread out in the garage may not allow for a thorough inspection of the entire garage.

Bozeman, MT | Home Inspection Thwarted by Personal Contents

Blocked Access to the Furnace and Crawlspace of this Condo In Bozeman, MT

A thorough home inspection can take up to 3 hours. A Seller should plan on being away from your home during the inspection. Usually the buyer, their Realtor and the inspector will do a walk-through near the end of the inspection. This helps the buyer understand the context of  issues that the home inspector may flag in the report.

The Buyer May Request a Radon Test

If the buyer requests a radon test, a separate visit from the inspector will be scheduled to drop off or pick up the radon monitoring equipment. During the radon monitoring period, you may generally use your home as normal. Close all windows 12 hours before the start of radon monitoring. Windows should remain closed for the duration of the monitoring period. During the monitoring period, the use of circulating fans should also be limited. Excessive airflow near the monitoring equipment can cause a false positive for radon exposure.

It is often helpful if the seller is there just for the beginning to relay any known issues with the home. Existing plans to remedy known issues can be reported to the buyer. This can help the transaction move along smoothly.

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