Ucla Transfer Agreements

The Bachelor`s Admissions Office determines the portability of course work at other higher education institutions for newly admitted transfer students. Please note that UCLA only allows up to 70 semesters or 105 quarter units of transferable subsection courses that can be applied to your degree after being admitted. As a result, transfers of more than 86 semesters, or 129 quarters of the maximum number of two-year university units, are still considered junior levels. UC courses and higher department courses for four-year institutions are not capped (70 semesters or 105 shift units). These units may expose you to the risk of exceeding the maximum of the transmission authorization and becoming a senior-level. If you are applying as a transfer student at UCLA, you must apply for a certain major. Each major has conditions of preparation for transfer students. The transfer authorization depends on the success of this course thesis and a competitive GPA. Transfer students must complete their main preparation requirements by the end of the spring before the transfer. Transfer Admissions Guaranteed (TAG) is a guaranteed transfer route for selected majors at six University of California campuses (Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz) and almost all California State University campuses. Click on TAG to UC to learn more about UC – Transfer Admission Guarantee. If you go to another UC campus or a California community college, most of your academic courses will likely be transferable.

For more information, see ASSIST, the national information page for transmission. You can apply for transfer admission if you meet the following criteria: The UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) gives you the opportunity to improve your ability to move from a California community college to uCLA. Students are certified at the end of the honorary/scholar program at their Community College and are given priority for admission to the UCLA College of Letters and Science. All transfer selection criteria and other information on available curricula are available at: As a key component of the California Master Plan for Higher Education, students attending Community of California colleges receive preferential transfer accreditation to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems. Orange Coast College is the first Community College in Orange County and is in the top 3 of the overall ranking for transfers to UC and CSU. Our success is mainly due to our diversity of academic resources and support services, the availability of high-level university courses and transfer agreements. Deadline for Certified Transfer Students for the Presentation of the Intent to Register Declaration (SIR) The Transfer Alliance Program is a collaboration between the Honors/Scholars program at Community Colleges of California and uCLA College in conjunction with Undergraduate Admission. The program aims to promote academic excellence at the Community College level and promote diversity and attachment in the UCLA transfer population.

As part of their Honors/Scholars programs, colleges offer expanded general education programs that integrate critical thinking, writing and research. Good preparation and strong academic performance make you a more competitive candidate during the admission verification process. The average GPA of transfer students is greater than 3.5 and admitted students have completed most or all important preparatory courses. We have a top priority for applicants from California university colleges and other UC campuses. Students are only left for the fall term. If you are interested in moving from another UC campus to UCLA, you must apply to UCLA and follow the same procedure as any other transfer applicant. You can participate in a four-year summer session of an institution or university extension after becoming a UCLA student.

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